Zavala's Authority
When it moves, it's a ribbon of violet moonlight.
Vehicle Mods
Default Shader

Restores your gear to its default colors.

Default Effect

Use default transmat effects when arriving in a location or reviving.

Veteran's Flair

Adds a special flourish to your transmat effects.

Zavala: The problem with Rasputin is that it's a machine. Cayde-6: You know, I'm standing right here. Z: There's a difference between a trigger-happy Exo and artificial intelligence. Rasputin is satisfied. Complete. It regards itself as the pinnacle of creation. It doesn't want to be equal, or stand around a table and banter. It wants to be better, and we've programmed it to get what it wants. That's the nature of the machine. C6: Of THAT machine. Z: The problem with Rasputin is that we made it what it is, we modeled it, and it learned well. C6: So you don't trust machines, but *I'm* OK 'cause I'm one of the good ones. That's not very generous, boss. Z: I don't remember saying that you were OK. C6: … Z: What? C6: IKORA! ZAVALA MADE A JOKE! You're not Ikora. Where's Ikora? IKORA!