Raiden Flux
Exotic Hunter
Interfaces with synapses (or nearest equivalent) to draw electric power directly from the wearer's body.
Item stats
Armor Perks
Synapse Junctions

Quick successive attacks with Arc Staff increase its damage output and duration.

Plasteel Reinforcement Mod

Increased resilience.

Unflinching Auto Rifle Aim

Reduces flinching from incoming fire while aiming Auto Rifles and Trace Rifles.

Primary Ammo Finder

Increases the drop chance of Primary ammo on kill.

Armor Perks

Armor Cosmetics
Default Shader

Restores your gear to its default colors.

Default Ornament

Restores your armor to its default appearance.

Armor Mods
Empty Mod Socket

No mod currently selected.

β€œIt's hard, in this age, for any warrior to find their inner peace. Our constant state of struggle breeds chaos, in the world and in our hearts. The Raiden Flux channels that chaos, regulates it by mapping and defining the wearer's true spiritual center. It is science merged with belief and the healing power of one's own natural energies. But there is more. The Raiden Flux is an amplifier of those energies. It seeks the spark in you and bolsters its charge, redirecting your innermost power that it may serve as an extension of your will. The staff then acts as a conduit through which one may forcibly deliver peace when such action is required. This seems a contradiction, to be sure. It is not. Because at its heart, peace defines war and peace is war's end.” – Gao Sinyada, forger of the Raiden Flux