Phoenix Protocol
Exotic Warlock
Do not grieve the dying star. Its death kindles newer life, and thus the wheel turns again.
Item stats
Armor Perks

Kills and assists you make while standing in your Well of Radiance return Super energy.

Mobility Enhancement Mod

Increased mobility.

Unflinching Pulse Rifle Aim

Reduces flinching from incoming fire while aiming Pulse Rifles.

Primary Ammo Finder

Increases the drop chance of Primary ammo on kill.

Armor Perks

Armor Mods
Empty Mod Socket

No mod currently selected.

Armor Cosmetics
Default Ornament

Restores your armor to its default appearance.

Default Shader

Restores your gear to its default colors.

"Warlocks are edging in on Titan territory, I tell you." "What do you mean?" "Well, first I started losing fistfights with them in the Crucible. That's an affront to everything Titans stand for. If Wei-Ning were here, she'd die of shame!" "I'm sure she'd be thrilled, honestly." "That's beside the point. This thing with the fancy rift? It's basically Ward of Dawn." "It doesn't block ballistics." "But it does everything else! It's the same thing as the Ward we had before the Red Legion! It's outright plagiaristic!" "It doesn't blind people either." "Won't you just let me have my outrage?"