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Legendary Titan
"In the end we'll be known for something bigger than all of us."
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File: Jacob Hardy, pilot, Ares One —Supplemental— Centro Aguirre Pacifica Resort Path to Ares: 63 Days to Launch 0746 Hardy: OK, whoever this is, you have 30 seconds. The whole point of vacationing at the bottom of the ocean is to avoid calls. General Fiedler: It's Fiedler, Hardy. H: Oh! Yes, sir. F: It's about Moon X. H: Sir? F: Your friend Evie was right. It's almost impossible to track, but she has a way, and now it showed up right where she said it would: inbound to Mars. Did you copy? It's going to be on Mars. You saw what it did to Jupiter and Mercury and Venus. So, we want to send a multinational crew to intercept it. H: Multinational… F: You'll be the pilot of the craft. H: Uh… look, I don't disagree with the idea, but Mars is 50 million km away. F: Give or take, yeah. The mission will have to depart for Mars in two months. Sixty days. H: Sixty days. F: So enjoy your vacation and then get back here. We're building a clubhouse and a ship. We're gonna catch this sucker.