Hardy's Calm
Legendary Titan
"Watch your people, mark their strengths, and be ready to call on them."
Item stats
Armor Perks
Restorative Titan Armor

Improved recovery.

Mobility Enhancement Mod

Increased mobility.

Armor Mods
Masterwork Upgrade

This armor can be upgraded into a Masterwork with one of the options below.

Empty Mod Socket

No mod currently selected.

Armor Cosmetics
Default Shader

Restores your gear to its default colors.

File: Jacob Hardy, pilot, Ares One —Supplemental— Journal of Jacob Hardy Project Catamaran Path to Ares: 90 days to launch Been here a week and the clubhouse feels like home now. Everyone in one another's space, everyone with their own work to do. Wish I had the same faith in Humanity. That riot between competing Moon X Cults in New Orleans is not a good sign. The crew is everything they were sold as. The navigator—his name is Qiao—is one of the most inquisitive men I've ever met. He has a curiosity that makes his whole face glow. Mihaylova is working on the AI of the ship. She's very serious. Trained well enough to treat the team with respect but you can tell she's not interested in answering questions from lesser intellects, which is probably most of us, at least in her field. Evie could give her a run for her money, I'll bet. Evie, whose theories on tracking the Moon X gave us the first jump on where we could go meet it. She just looked this way; guess she can tell I'm writing about her.