Mihaylova's Tale
Legendary Warlock
"What you fight for is what you value. Everything else is words."
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Mihaylova Supplemental Navigator's Journal—Encrypted Supplemental— A/V Recording Clubhouse Canteen Path to Ares: 3 days to Launch Evie: Listen, I wanted to talk to you alone. Mihaylova: All right. E: Have you read some of these outputs? I think there are some serious errors here. M: Don't be absurd. E: You've got… it's got these code caches and it's… M, it's creating assessments of us. Of the project, of the crew. It commented on Qiao's snoring when he was asleep. Look, here… M: Did you print that out? E: Of course. M: OK. All right. So what do you propose? E: Bringing it to Hardy. M: Ugh. Of course. E: What's that supposed to mean? M: I mean… look. Um. You're right. It must be an error. This is all embarrassing. Let me see if I can fix it. Give me a day. E: We don't have a day! M: Twelve hours, then. Let me try to locate the problem. And if I can't, of course we'll take it to the whole team. E: Are you certain you can? M: Oh, I have to. Twelve hours. By then I swear, we'll have it all squared away.