Chassis of Rull
Legendary Titan
“Calus invited the Clipse to join his Loyalists. We refused, at first. So he sent a Shadow.” —Rull, Gun of Kaga Clipse.
Item stats
Armor Perks
Mobile Titan Armor

Improved mobility.

Plasteel Reinforcement Mod

Increased resilience.

Armor Mods
Heavy Hitter

Masterwork Upgrade

This armor can be upgraded into a Masterwork with one of the options below.

Armor Cosmetics
Default Shader

Restores your gear to its default colors.

Rull gathered his cloak around him tightly as he pushed his way through the teeming marketplace. All around him, Cabal stumbled and pushed their way towards the celebration. No one seemed to question his identity as a foreign merchant, but his heart still raced. Rull thought about the mission that Emperor Calus had given him. "I'm sending you to the Cabal homeworld, Rull. There's a celebration, and you are to be a bearer of my gifts—the finest wines and spirits the universe has to offer." Rull was disappointed. He wanted to bring down great beasts, not assassinate old Cabal aristocrats. "Oh, Rull. Don't fret. I promised you a warrior's paradise and you shall have it. The gifts will buy you access to some of my former friends. I haven't spoken to them in some time, and well, I'd like them to know I haven't forgotten."