Insigne Shade Cover
Legendary Warlock
"You have truly grown fat from strength. And you are still as wise as ever. Magnificent." —Calus, Emperor of the Cabal
Item stats
Armor Perks
Heavy Warlock Armor

Improved resilience.

Mobility Enhancement Mod

Increased mobility.

Armor Mods
Masterwork Upgrade

This armor can be upgraded into a Masterwork with one of the options below.

Armor Cosmetics
Default Ornament

Restores your armor to its default appearance.

Default Shader

Restores your gear to its default colors.

The Cabal I remember were an eclectic people. There were so many indoctrinated species among us they defied reckoning. The Red Legion have changed all that in my absence. To add insult to my exile, they imprisoned me aboard the Leviathan with only warrior Loyalists to attend me. I raged for the better half of a century. It felt like a century, at least. Now I have returned, and I brought distinction with me. My Shadows are each the zenith of their kind, taken from countless worlds as I made my way back from the deep. But my search continues. I have not found my Shadow of Shadows. The one with the fortitude to stand by my side at the end. Your kind are warrior-scholars of the highest order. Rarely have I seen such insight and analysis paired with killing potential, even among the Psions. A Shadow of your Guardian-tribe would be an ideal scout to find others, and persuade them to walk with us through these golden halls. —Calus, Emperor of the Cabal