Fire Victorious Shell
For Ghosts with fire inside of them.
Ghost Shell Perks
Banshee's Favorite

Generate Gunsmith telemetry data on any elemental weapon kills at an increased rate.

Vanguard Scanner

Grants a chance to obtain additional faction consumables in strikes.

Crucible Scanner

Chance to obtain additional faction consumables in the Crucible.

Random Mod

A mod with arbitrarily generated upgrades.

Ghost Shell Mods
Default Shader

Restores your gear to its default colors.

No Projection

Restores your Ghost to an empty projection.

Consensus Meeting 3267.56 Z: "Callisto Yin. Thank you for joining us today." CY: "My pleasure, sir." Z: "You singlehandedly carried the Fire Victorious from the City as it fell, ensuring that the flames first kindled by Wei Ning so many years ago would continue to burn. For that, we thank you." CY: "Any of the Firebreak Order would have done as much." NM: "The repairs to Firebreak Plaza are almost complete. I think we may have the relighting ceremony as soon as next week." CY: "With all due respect, we have decided not to bring the Fire Victorious back to the City. Not in the same way." FWC: "What do you mean?" CY: "One torch in one city is too small." IR: "What do you propose instead?" CY: "Now each of our Ghosts bears embers of the Fire Victorious. Wei Ning's flames will go with us to each new battlefield."