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A Golden Age paint job, reconstructed by Old Russian Cryptarchs after meticulous archaeology of abandoned airfields.
"The only way to escape death is to move really, really fast. So I stole her Sparrow." —Samael Vos
The Wayfarer Tri update features rebalanced grav propulsors and a gel-padded seat cushion.
The Wayfarer Delta upgrade features improved drive systems and anti-grav stabilizers.
Ride gloriously into adventure… and through it.
They shall fear the sound of your approach.
Ride faster, strike harder, and leave them twitching in the dust.
Take a little time to bask in your success.
Warsat incoming.
"Definition: the point at which you're so far behind, you can't even see me anymore." —Cron-8
Take back the streets - in style.
Hard work and practice aren't enough. Sometimes things need to break your way.
Marcus Ren's record is unassailable. It would take decades for anyone to catch him.
"Get in there, Guardian. The battle waits for no one." —Zavala
"[whistle] With a few more revs, Zahn woulda turned this thing into the fastest bomb you never saw. Good thing for all of us he never got the chance." —Amanda Holliday
A sound they'll never forget.
"Ride head first into the fray. They'll never know what hit them." —Saint-14
Bad to the bone.
Dig deep enough, and you'll hit paydirt.
Don't ask for too much.
You'll never be detained again.
"A man's only as good as his ride." —Tex 99-40
Tear through the pavement with unrelenting propulsion.
When two become one.
And watch out—it's hungry.
Eight seconds is nothing.
"The solar system is full of fascinating signals. For some, the source is obvious. For others…"—Master Rahool
Let the old ways shape the new.
It's gotta be someone.
"The path to a new life is occluded by ruthless aggression. Defy it." —Osiris
Hurtling toward eternity.
They'll only know where you've been.
Not everything found in the depths of a prison should be left there.
Be the fire, or be smoke on the wind.
Some days you get the bear. Some days the bear gets you.
The race is on.
Ride responsibly. Or not.
There is always a player on the nightside, unseen and perfect—and patient.
Go forth, where only heroes dare.
Be that which carries them to greater heights.
Easy does it.
This world is yours to cross.
"You can choose to flee in terror from your trauma, or you can race towards it, confronting it head-on."—Eris Morn
Fire on all cylinders.
Beep, beep.
Living on a prayer… and the laws of magnetism.
"You know you can't ride that into space, right?" —Amanda Holiday
Embark for treasure on planets unknown.
Faster than the stride of giants.
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