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Fewer mins, more maxes.
Only dust in your wake.
"Here. Try this one. S'got a low center of gravity, like you and your big Titan butt." —Marcus Ren
"Shoot for the stars." "…On a Sparrow?"
"I bet Elsie could make it go faster." —Alton Bray
Every second counts.
Climbing ever higher in search of triumph.
Beauty in simplicity.
Heaven is what you make of it.
And neither the angels in Heaven above / Nor the demons down under the sea / Can ever dissever my soul from the soul / Of the beautiful Annabel Lee…
"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Strap yourself to a rocket? Be reasonable, Marcus. …Just the engine? Hmm. You're right. That does change things." —Amanda Holliday
"Ain't no such thing as 'before the disaster.' This world was born to disaster. It's cataclysm all the way down." —The Drifter
Leave the past behind, but keep an eye on it in your rearview mirror.
The limit does not exist.
A retired Sparrow once used to ferry Lord Shaxx and Cayde-6 from a City dodgeball game.
The hero's truest companion.
Wisdom for all. Victory for few.
"I am the line. Evil will go no farther than this." —Vell Tarlowe
Ride to victory.
Primarily used on the ice caps of Mars during the Golden Age.
An exceptionally lightweight carbon fiber frame that promises smooth-as-butter suspension and a swift ride.
We ride out tonight.
"I win." —Ariadne Gris
A common model for Vanguard-authorized civilian security patrols in the Last City.
Straight as an arrow, true as a name.
Sponsored by VEIST.
Mounted with harmonized twin pulse engines for a blazing attack.
"I watched this baby rip a trench into the ground out in the flats. Maybe tune it down a bit." —Amanda Holliday
Let the feeding frenzy commence.
Remember the lost. Repay the debt.
Its emblem is a burst of energy. And it's well-deserved.
"Heh, well, I was startin' to get a little stircrazy on Mars… so I figured, hey, why not start a project?" —Ana Bray
Fight fire with fire. And fight everything else with fire, too.
The dogs of war arrive hungry.
All heads turn to watch you go.
The tides will turn.
The Dawning comes once a year. Some wish it would take a little longer.
"Time is meaningless. Drive faster." —Shun Endo
Universal heat death? Nah. Not while you're around.
To clean a festering wound, you must cut away the rot.
A favorite of intermediate SRL racers.
None of us can do it alone. And none of us should want to.
"Study the sacred geometry of light and life." —Ikora Rey
For the space cadet who is pure of heart.
A Wayfarer-class Sparrow emblazoned with the symbol of the Crucible.
"But will my actions avert the futures I see, or cause them?" —Osiris
There's no recognizable maker's mark. Just a "1" stamped onto the side.
Life comes at you fast. So do Sparrows.
Some traditions are too good to be true.
Where roads end, your journey begins.
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