Crucible Quartermaster
The Crucible is a demanding place, and Arcite 99-40 assists Shaxx in arming Guardians to withstand it.
Stock refresh in 2 days
S-30C Phoenix
The coveted S-30C Phoenix is reserved for Guardians who demonstrate exceptional resolve.
S-31C Phoenix
This variant of the coveted Phoenix has an improved powerplant.
S-32C Phoenix
This variant of the coveted Phoenix has a powerful drive and agile thrusters.
Crucible Weapons
Zero-Day Dilemma
There's no defense against it.
B-29 Party Favor
Let's get this party started.
The Hero Formula
It's just so satisfying!
Each New Day
…is better than the last.
44 Curtain Call
This high-impact weapon was designed to be a literal showstopper.
Anton's Rule
Don't include it unless you intend to use it.
Event Horizon
Point me toward the point of no return.
Chaotic Neutral
Beholden to no one.
Something Wicked
It's coming this way.