The Speaker
An ancient scholar of the Traveler, the Speaker keeps special items for Guardians who explore the Light's mysteries.
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Verdant Shell
For Ghosts looking to brighten their Guardian's day.
Bold Red Shell
For Ghosts who aren't afraid to make themselves a target.
Cult/Trinary Star
The mark of the Trinary Star, the hidden cult who curse the Traveler's light.
Dead Zone Revolution
With each Dead Zone charted comes a new cloak pattern from the Hunter elite.
Freeholder's Memory
The symbol of the great city of Freehold, the lost gem of Mars.
A mark of unity which celebrates the equality of all under the protection of the Traveler.
Binary Lazarus
Encrypted by the First Children at the Precipice of Flame, before the Exile.
The Five Lives of Albios
Woven to honor the last stand of Albios.
Striker's Mark
"It's what we do. It's as natural as breathing." —Holborn
Defender's Mark
At Six Fronts, defending the Wall was not enough. Titans had to become a wall.
Sunbreaker's Mark
Once, these marks streamed proudly from the City's rooftops. Now, they are a symbol of defiance.