The Speaker
An ancient scholar of the Traveler, the Speaker keeps special items for Guardians who explore the Light's mysteries.
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Winter Sky Shell
For Ghosts who feel blue.
Turquoise Shell
For Ghosts with bright personalities.
Cult/Trinary Star
The mark of the Trinary Star, the hidden cult who curse the Traveler's light.
Cosmic Joke
An infamous cloak, scavenged off the corpses of its owners numerous times on the frontier.
Thalor's Golden Maul
The legendary mark of Thalor, a victor in the Crucible.
Season of Ages XII
A warbanner marking the twelfth era of the Titan orders.
Spirit of the Vulture
Before grace, subsistence. Before nobility, survival.
Ulan-Tan's Burial Ring
A replica of the legendary burial ring of Ulan-Tan.
Striker's Mark
"It's what we do. It's as natural as breathing." —Holborn
Defender's Mark
At Six Fronts, defending the Wall was not enough. Titans had to become a wall.
Sunbreaker's Mark
Once, these marks streamed proudly from the City's rooftops. Now, they are a symbol of defiance.