Vanguard Quartermaster
Roni 55-30 maintains a stock of select weapons for those proven among the Vanguard.
Stock refresh in 1 day
Vanguard Armory
When all around you is chaos, the dependable Häkke Longespée-A won't fail you.
Quick on the draw, the Häkke Hawkwood-A is your all-purpose escape plan.
Piezopolymer paneling makes the Häkke Hotspur-A a balanced war machine.
The Suros PRR-11 is a balanced, flexible and dependable weapon.
A reliable but lightweight weapon, the Suros BNS-13 also has a flexible layout.
High firing speed meets flexible layout in the Suros WSC-17.
Sparrow S-30V
The Vanguard reserves the Series-30 Sparrow for the most successful Guardians.
Sparrow S-31V
The Series-31V sports an improved powerplant.
Sparrow S-32V
The Series-32V offers superb power and sterling maneuverability.
Material Exchange
A filigree of bubbled metal grown by wild colonies of Golden Age cytoconstructors.
Spirit Bloom
Shavings from flower-shaped crystals with pharmaceutical and chemical applications.
A concentrated transmutation catalyst that reacts to both the Light and the Darkness.
Relic Iron
A post-Collapse material of extraordinary density.
Helium Filaments
Filaments of helium-3 fusion fuel, gathered from the lunar regolith by a helium coil.
Vanguard Weapons
The Continental
This one's not from around here.
Parthian Shot
Who's got the last laugh now?
Angel's Advocate
"Just… Come on. Just don't."
How Dare You
"You think you're so great…"
Ex Astris
Astra inclinant, sed non obligant.
Teacup Tempest
Deadlier than it seems.
Occam's Razor
Sometimes the simplest ways are best.
Seventh Sense
It's difficult to explain… But, if you have it, you'll know.
Your bones… I will crush them.
Disassembly Required
Step 1. Point at enemy. Step 2. Disassemble enemy.