Disciple of Osiris
Osiris seeks the strongest Guardians to stem the tide of the Darkness.
Stock refresh in 5 days
Available Bounties
Win 2 consecutive rounds in the Trials of Osiris.
Defeat 5 opposing Guardians while both your teammates are alive.
As One
Defeat 3 opposing Guardians while near at least one of your teammates.
Attack of Opportunity
Defeat 5 opposing Guardians who have already been damaged by a teammate.
Valor's Reward
Earn 75 points in Trials by round wins (+3), losses (+1), and ties (+1). As a Trials Fireteam, defeat 3 opposing Guardians without anyone in your Fireteam dying.
His Eye Upon You
Win Trials rounds and defeat opposing Guardians. Fireteam members share progress. This bounty may be completed daily.