Bounty Tracker
When a Guardian's prowess in the field is required, bounties are posted here.
Stock refresh in 5 hours
Available Bounties
Kill It with Fire
Get 30 kills with Solar weapons.
Primary Precision
Get 30 precision kills using a Primary Weapon.
Shining Light
Get 30 Super kills.
Hunting the Exalted
Defeat 10 Hive Majors or Ultras.
Aim For the Juicebox
Defeat 50 Vex.
Mars Reconnaissance
Collect resource nodes, open chests and kill enemies on Mars.
Demolitions Expert
Get grenade multikills to earn Explosive Streak Medals in SIVA Crisis Strikes.
Called Shots
Get assists to earn Concentrated Fire Medals in SIVA Crisis Strikes.
Arsenal of Light
Get Super Kills in SIVA Crisis Strikes to earn the respective Super Kill Medals for your subclass.
Strike Efficient
Get 150 kills in a SIVA Crisis Strike and complete the mission to earn a Brutal Efficiency Medal.
Secondary Fire
Rapidly kill 3 or more enemies with a Special Weapon to earn Special Streak, Special Spree, or Special Rampage Medals in SIVA Crisis Strikes.
Heavy Gatling
Rapidly kill 3 or more enemies with a Heavy Weapon to earn Heavy Streak, Heavy Spree, or Heavy Rampage Medals in SIVA Crisis Strikes.
Stand Alone
Finish in the top 3 players in 6v6 or Free-For-All mode for three matches.
Win 3 matches in one day.
Defeat 3 opposing Guardians with precision shots.
Live Fire Exercise
Win a Crucible match in any playlist.
Brute Force
Defeat 1 opposing Guardian with a Heavy Weapon.
Alpha Strike
Get the first kill in a Crucible match.