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Exotic Items

Ornaments Type
Addendum Weapon Ornament
Cold between Stars Weapon Ornament
Dunemaker Weapon Ornament
Nanohance Weapon Ornament
Ragabone Weapon Ornament
Rose of Acid Weapon Ornament
Rose of Corruption Weapon Ornament
Sequel Weapon Ornament
Steel Witch Weapon Ornament
White Witch Weapon Ornament

Legendary Items

Legacy Record Books Type
Record Book: Competitive Spirit Book

Helmet Type
Circuit Defender Helmet
Circuit Keeper Helmet
Circuit Runner Helmet
Crystalline Rays Helmet
Exultation Mask Helmet
Finisher Helmet Helmet
Helm of Lamentation Helmet
Lantern Horns Helmet
Overtaker Helmet Helmet
Rimed Hood Helmet
Scarlight Mask Helmet
Snow Angel Horns Helmet
Snowglare Helm Helmet
Threader Helmet Helmet
Veil of a Dying Star Helmet

Chest Armor Type
Circuit Chestplate Chest Armor
Crystalline Robes Chest Armor
Exultation Vest Chest Armor
Lantern Plate Chest Armor
Pelt of a Dying Star Chest Armor
Plate of Lamentation Chest Armor
Rimed Robes Chest Armor
Scarlight Vest Chest Armor
Snow Angel Vest Chest Armor
Snowglare Plate Chest Armor
Speeder Suit Chest Armor

Leg Armor Type
Boots of a Dying Star Leg Armor
Circuit Striders Leg Armor
Crystalline Boots Leg Armor
Exultation Boots Leg Armor
Greaves of Lamentation Leg Armor
Lantern Greaves Leg Armor
Rimed Boots Leg Armor
Scarlight Boots Leg Armor
Snow Angel Boots Leg Armor
Snowglare Greaves Leg Armor
Speeder Boots Leg Armor

Gauntlets Type
Circuit Gauntlets Gauntlets
Crystalline Gloves Gauntlets
Exultation Grips Gauntlets
Fists of Lamentation Gauntlets
Gloves of a Dying Star Gauntlets
Lantern Guards Gauntlets
Rimed Gloves Gauntlets
Scarlight Grasps Gauntlets
Snow Angel Grasps Gauntlets
Snowglare Gauntlets Gauntlets
Speeder Gloves Gauntlets

Class Armor Type
Cloak of Snows Hunter Cloak
Speeder's Scarf Hunter Cloak
Mark of Bright Hope Titan Mark
Mark of the Nexus Undone Titan Mark
Speeder's Mark Titan Mark
Bond of Frost Warlock Bond
Speeder's Bond Warlock Bond

Consumables Type
Amanda's Tag Consumable
Saladin's Tag Consumable
Xûr's Tag Consumable

Sparrow Horn
Alarm Horn
Bell Horn
Bellow Horn
Campfire Horn
Dramatic Horn
Frame Horn
House Horn
Jingle Horn
Noisy Horn
Remix Horn
Sparkle Horn
Whistle Horn

E-47 Prismatica
EV-44 Firefly
EV-45 Bitfire
EV-46 Bitstorm
EV-48 King's Touch
EV-49 Phantasm
EV-50 Mirage
EV-51 Sunstroke
EV-52 Lavabird
EV-53 Glimmergold
F11 "Scavenger"
S-41 Poison Apple
SV7 "Morrow's Gait"

Deviled Ghost
Ghost Ghost

Can't Stop the Signal
Crest of Velocity
Glory of the Elite
Mercy of Motion
Star of Dawn
Swords of Dawn

Ornaments Type
SRL Champion's Ornament Armor Ornament Token

Candy Apple
Dawn's Return
White Tiger

Common Items

Bounties Type
Sparrow Racing: Speedster Racing Bounty
Queen's Ambassador Reef Bounty
Queen's Champion Reef Bounty
Queen's Curse Reef Bounty
Queen's Eye Reef Bounty
Queen's Fury Reef Bounty
Queen's Grace Reef Bounty
Queen's Harvest Reef Bounty
Queen's Mercy Reef Bounty
Queen's Sovereignty Reef Bounty
Queen's Treasure Reef Bounty
Arsenal of Light Vanguard Elite Bounty
Called Shots Vanguard Elite Bounty
Demolitions Expert Vanguard Elite Bounty
Heavy Gatling Vanguard Elite Bounty
Look, No Ghost Vanguard Elite Bounty
Perpetual Light Vanguard Elite Bounty
Primary Master Vanguard Elite Bounty
Pugilist Vanguard Elite Bounty
Secondary Fire Vanguard Elite Bounty
Strike Efficient Vanguard Elite Bounty
Tandem Fire Vanguard Elite Bounty
Vanguard Elite Vanguard Elite Bounty
Weapons Expert Vanguard Elite Bounty
Weapons Master Vanguard Elite Bounty
Clean Up Weekly Elite Bounty
Make a Rainbow Weekly Elite Bounty
Merciless Weekly Elite Bounty
Simply Perfect Weekly Elite Bounty
Strike Elite Weekly Elite Bounty
Sunrise Weekly Elite Bounty