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Exotic Items

Primary Weapons Type
Khvostov 7G-0X Auto Rifle
Outbreak Prime Pulse Rifle
Thorn Hand Cannon

Special Weapons Type
Trespasser Sidearm

Heavy Weapons Type
The Young Wolf's Howl Sword
Nemesis Star Machine Gun
Iron Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher
Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher

Armor Class Type
Astrocyte Verse Warlock Helmet
Transversive Steps Warlock Leg Armor
Dunemarchers Titan Leg Armor
Fr0st-EE5 Hunter Leg Armor
Ophidian Aspect Warlock Gauntlets
Thagomizers Titan Gauntlets
Shinobu's Vow Hunter Gauntlets

Weapon Ornaments
Born in Fire
The Wolves Remember
Fallen Assassin
Crucible Assassin
Heart of Gold
Queen's Command
Lingering Vestige
Not a Toy
Shock Hazard
Bureau of Aeronautics
Last Warmind
Royal Flush
Storm's Reproach
Arctic Survivalist
Special Ops
Silver Bullet

Khvostov 7G Schematic
Sleeper Simulant Weapon Frame
Record Book: Rise of Iron


Primary Weapons Type
Assembly II Auto Rifle
Extremophile 011 Auto Rifle
Hex Caster ARC Auto Rifle
The Continental Auto Rifle
The Unbent Tree Auto Rifle
Vision Stone Auto Rifle
Vision Stone (Adept) Auto Rifle
Zero-Day Dilemma Auto Rifle
Exile's Student Hand Cannon
Exile's Student (Adept) Hand Cannon
Free Will III Hand Cannon
How Dare You Hand Cannon
Ill Will Hand Cannon
The Lingering Song Hand Cannon
The Palindrome Hand Cannon
The Wail Hand Cannon
B-29 Party Favor Pulse Rifle
Blind Perdition Pulse Rifle
Blind Perdition (Adept) Pulse Rifle
Hopscotch Pilgrim Pulse Rifle
Parthian Shot Pulse Rifle
The Clever Dragon Pulse Rifle
The Waltz Pulse Rifle
Angel's Advocate Scout Rifle
Burning Eye Scout Rifle
Burning Eye (Adept) Scout Rifle
CHAOS DOGMA~ Scout Rifle
Cryptic Dragon Scout Rifle
Keystone 01 Scout Rifle
The Distant Star Scout Rifle
The Hero Formula Scout Rifle
The Wounded Scout Rifle

Special Weapons Type
77 Wizard Fusion Rifle
ETHER NOVA~ Fusion Rifle
Each New Day Fusion Rifle
Ex Astris Fusion Rifle
Saladin's Vigil Fusion Rifle
Stellar Vestige Fusion Rifle
The Branded Lord Fusion Rifle
The Waiting Fusion Rifle
Worlds to Come 001 Fusion Rifle
44 Curtain Call Shotgun
Bad Counsel IV Shotgun
Last-Ditch 001 Shotgun
Matador 64 Shotgun
Occam's Razor Shotgun
The Proud Spire Shotgun
Unraveling Thread Shotgun
Winter's End Shotgun
Anton's Rule Sidearm
Impeacher V Sidearm
Teacup Tempest Sidearm
The Binding Blaze Sidearm
The Wormwood Sidearm
20/20 AMR7 Sniper Rifle
Bitter Edge 010 Sniper Rifle
But Not Forgotten Sniper Rifle
Deposition VII Sniper Rifle
Devil's Dawn Sniper Rifle
EX MACHINA~ Sniper Rifle
Event Horizon Sniper Rifle
Seventh Sense Sniper Rifle
The Laughing Heart Sniper Rifle
The Winged Word Sniper Rifle

Heavy Weapons Type
Bonekruscher Machine Gun
Chaotic Neutral Machine Gun
First Citizen IX Machine Gun
IF MATERIA~ Machine Gun
The Silvered Dread Machine Gun
Unending Deluge III Machine Gun
Disassembly Required Rocket Launcher
SOUND AND FURY~ Rocket Launcher
Something Wicked Rocket Launcher
Steel Oracle Z-11 Rocket Launcher
The Titanium Orchid Rocket Launcher
The Warpath Rocket Launcher
Unto Dust 00 Rocket Launcher

Armor Type
Cobra's Vigil Hood Helmet
Cosmoclast Helm Helmet
Days of Iron Crown Helmet
Days of Iron Crown Helmet
Days of Iron Crown Helmet
Dream-Eater Mask Helmet
Endling Helm Helmet
Endling Hood Helmet
Endling Mask Helmet
Eon Tracer Helm Helmet
Eon Tracer Hood Helmet
Eon Tracer Mask Helmet
Hadron Gale IV Helmet
High Command Helm Helmet
High Command Hood Helmet
High Command Mask Helmet
Iron Breed Great Helm Helmet
Iron Breed Hood Helmet
Iron Breed Mask Helmet
Iron Regalia Great Helm Helmet
Iron Regalia Hood Helmet
Iron Regalia Mask Helmet
Iron Saga Helm Helmet
Iron Saga Hood Helmet
Iron Saga Mask Helmet
KD Bogatyr 2.0 Helmet
Lion's Vigil Mask Helmet
Mangonel Type 2 Helmet
Nanomania Mask Helmet
Queen's Guard Helm Helmet
Queen's Guard Hood Helmet
Queen's Guard Mask Helmet
Raku Gwener Type 1 Helmet
Raku Izumi IV Helmet
Raku Poltergeist 2.0 Helmet
Red Miasma Hood Helmet
Scarab's Vigil Helm Helmet
Spliced Cosmoclast Helm Helmet
Spliced Nanomania Mask Helmet
Spliced Red Miasma Hood Helmet
Stellar Impact Helm Helmet
Temporis Floe IV Helmet
Atheon Mask Mask
Crota Mask Mask
Cryptarch Mask Mask
Eris Morn Mask Mask
Exotic Engram Mask Mask
Legendary Engram Mask Mask
Oryx Mask Mask
Petra Venj Mask Mask
Rare Engram Mask Mask
Skolas Mask Mask
Skull Mask Mask
Speaker Mask Mask
Tiger Mask Mask
Traveler Mask Mask
Uncommon Engram Mask Mask
Warden Mask Mask
Xûr Mask Mask
Cobra's Vigil Robes Chest Armor
Cosmoclast Plate Chest Armor
Days of Iron Cuirass Chest Armor
Days of Iron Hauberk Chest Armor
Days of Iron Raiment Chest Armor
Dream-Eater Vest Chest Armor
Endling Plate Chest Armor
Endling Robes Chest Armor
Endling Vest Chest Armor
Eon Tracer Plate Chest Armor
Eon Tracer Robes Chest Armor
Eon Tracer Vest Chest Armor
Hadron Gale IV Chest Armor
High Command Plate Chest Armor
High Command Robes Chest Armor
High Command Vest Chest Armor
Iron Breed Plate Chest Armor
Iron Breed Vest Chest Armor
Iron Breed Vestments Chest Armor
Iron Regalia Plate Chest Armor
Iron Regalia Vest Chest Armor
Iron Regalia Vestments Chest Armor
Iron Saga Plate Chest Armor
Iron Saga Vest Chest Armor
Iron Saga Vestments Chest Armor
KD Bogatyr 2.0 Chest Armor
Lion's Vigil Vest Chest Armor
Mangonel Type 2 Chest Armor
Nanomania Vest Chest Armor
Queen's Guard Plate Chest Armor
Queen's Guard Robes Chest Armor
Queen's Guard Vest Chest Armor
Raku Gwener Type 1 Chest Armor
Raku Izumi IV Chest Armor
Raku Poltergeist 2.0 Chest Armor
Red Miasma Robes Chest Armor
Scarab's Vigil Plate Chest Armor
Spliced Cosmoclast Plate Chest Armor
Spliced Nanomania Vest Chest Armor
Spliced Red Miasma Robes Chest Armor
Stellar Impact Plate Chest Armor
Temporis Floe IV Chest Armor
Cobra's Vigil Steps Leg Armor
Cosmoclast Greaves Leg Armor
Days of Iron Boots Leg Armor
Days of Iron Greaves Leg Armor
Days of Iron Steps Leg Armor
Dream-Eater Strides Leg Armor
Endling Greaves Leg Armor
Endling Steps Leg Armor
Endling Strides Leg Armor
Eon Tracer Boots Leg Armor
Eon Tracer Greaves Leg Armor
Eon Tracer Legs Leg Armor
Hadron Gale IV Leg Armor
High Command Boots Leg Armor
High Command Greaves Leg Armor
High Command Steps Leg Armor
Iron Breed Boots Leg Armor
Iron Breed Boots Leg Armor
Iron Breed Greaves Leg Armor
Iron Regalia Boots Leg Armor
Iron Regalia Boots Leg Armor
Iron Regalia Greaves Leg Armor
Iron Saga Boots Leg Armor
Iron Saga Greaves Leg Armor
Iron Saga Steps Leg Armor
KD Bogatyr 2.0 Leg Armor
Lion's Vigil Strides Leg Armor
Mangonel Type 2 Leg Armor
Nanomania Boots Leg Armor
Queen's Guard Boots Leg Armor
Queen's Guard Boots Leg Armor
Queen's Guard Greaves Leg Armor
Raku Gwener Type 1 Leg Armor
Raku Izumi IV Leg Armor
Raku Poltergeist 2.0 Leg Armor
Red Miasma Boots Leg Armor
Scarab's Vigil Greaves Leg Armor
Spliced Cosmoclast Greaves Leg Armor
Spliced Nanomania Boots Leg Armor
Spliced Red Miasma Boots Leg Armor
Stellar Impact Greaves Leg Armor
Temporis Floe IV Leg Armor
Cobra's Vigil Gloves Gauntlets
Cosmoclast Gauntlets Gauntlets
Days of Iron Gauntlets Gauntlets
Days of Iron Gloves Gauntlets
Days of Iron Grips Gauntlets
Dream-Eater Grasps Gauntlets
Endling Gauntlets Gauntlets
Endling Gloves Gauntlets
Endling Grasps Gauntlets
Eon Tracer Gauntlets Gauntlets
Eon Tracer Gloves Gauntlets
Eon Tracer Sleeves Gauntlets
Hadron Gale IV Gauntlets
High Command Gauntlets Gauntlets
High Command Gloves Gauntlets
High Command Grips Gauntlets
Iron Breed Gauntlets Gauntlets
Iron Breed Gloves Gauntlets
Iron Breed Sleeves Gauntlets
Iron Regalia Gauntlets Gauntlets
Iron Regalia Gloves Gauntlets
Iron Regalia Sleeves Gauntlets
Iron Saga Gauntlets Gauntlets
Iron Saga Gloves Gauntlets
Iron Saga Grips Gauntlets
KD Bogatyr 2.0 Gauntlets
Lion's Vigil Grips Gauntlets
Mangonel Type 2 Gauntlets
Mongrel Ogre's Grasps Gauntlets
Nanomania Grasps Gauntlets
Queen's Guard Gauntlets Gauntlets
Queen's Guard Gloves Gauntlets
Queen's Guard Grips Gauntlets
Raku Gwener Type 1 Gauntlets
Raku Izumi IV Gauntlets
Raku Poltergeist 2.0 Gauntlets
Red Miasma Gloves Gauntlets
Scarab's Vigil Gauntlets Gauntlets
Spliced Cosmoclast Gauntlets Gauntlets
Spliced Nanomania Grasps Gauntlets
Spliced Red Miasma Gloves Gauntlets
Stellar Impact Gauntlets Gauntlets
Temporis Floe IV Gauntlets

Class Armor Type
AOS#Cryptid Cloak Hunter Cloak
All My Victims Cloak Hunter Cloak
Astrolord Cloak Hunter Cloak
Bloodstained Hood Hunter Cloak
Brawler's Cloak Hunter Cloak
Chaos Cloak Hunter Cloak
Cloak of Atropos Hunter Cloak
Cloak of Dredgen Yor Hunter Cloak
Cloak of Fast Resolve Hunter Cloak
Cloak of Hidden Agendas Hunter Cloak
Cloak of Immanent War Hunter Cloak
Cloak of No Tomorrow Hunter Cloak
Cloak of Oblivion Hunter Cloak
Cloak of Order Hunter Cloak
Cloak of Perception Hunter Cloak
Cloak of Ragged Fortune Hunter Cloak
Cloak of Repair Hunter Cloak
Cloak of Reverence Hunter Cloak
Cloak of Solitude Hunter Cloak
Cloak of Tekmor Hunter Cloak
Cloak of the Apsides Hunter Cloak
Cloak of the Cosmonaut Hunter Cloak
Cloak of the Dusktorn Hunter Cloak
Cloak of the Exile Hunter Cloak
Cloak of the Exile Hunter Cloak
Cloak of the Exodus Hunter Cloak
Cloak of the Hidden Hunter Cloak
Cloak of the Ironsworn Hunter Cloak
Cloak of the Justicars Hunter Cloak
Cloak of the Leopard Hunter Cloak
Cloak of the Mantis Hunter Cloak
Cloak of the Reefrunners Hunter Cloak
Cloak of the Rising Hunter Cloak
Cloak of the Shadowjacks Hunter Cloak
Cloak of the Shadowsmiths Hunter Cloak
Cloak of the Sixth Reign Hunter Cloak
Cloak of the Skypillar Hunter Cloak
Cloak of the Sojourn Hunter Cloak
Cloak of the Unborn Hunter Cloak
Cloak of the Unflinching Hunter Cloak
Competitor Match Hunter Cloak
Dead Light Cloak Hunter Cloak
Devils' Cloak Hunter Cloak
Dream-Eater Cloak Hunter Cloak
Drifter's Cloak Hunter Cloak
Dustwalker Cloak Hunter Cloak
Dynamo Cloak Hunter Cloak
Endling Cloak Hunter Cloak
Eon Tracer Cloak Hunter Cloak
Extropic Cloak Hunter Cloak
Fieldcraft Hood Hunter Cloak
Fixer Cloak Hunter Cloak
Frumious Cloak Hunter Cloak
Ghost Angel Cloak Hunter Cloak
Grinder's Cloak Hunter Cloak
H_LD Starwinder Cloak Hunter Cloak
Hardcase Cloak Hunter Cloak
High Command Cloak Hunter Cloak
Hood of the Night Sun Hunter Cloak
Hood of the Spawn Hunter Cloak
Hustler's Cloak Hunter Cloak
Idylls of the Iron Lords Hunter Cloak
Iron Saga Cloak Hunter Cloak
Kings' Cloak Hunter Cloak
Lead Scout's Cloak Hunter Cloak
Lion's Vigil Cloak Hunter Cloak
Makeshift Scarf Hunter Cloak
Mantle of Efrideet Hunter Cloak
Mantle of Gheleon Hunter Cloak
Mantle of Perun Hunter Cloak
Maverick's Cloak Hunter Cloak
Melting Point Hunter Cloak
Nagari Cloak Hunter Cloak
Nanomania Cloak Hunter Cloak
Night Rain Cloak Hunter Cloak
Nightmask Cloak Hunter Cloak
Not A Fallen Hood Hunter Cloak
Novgorod Cloak Hunter Cloak
Octopus Cloak Hunter Cloak
Pleiades Hood Hunter Cloak
Red Eclipse Cloak Hunter Cloak
Rustworn Cloak Hunter Cloak
Spliced Nanomania Cloak Hunter Cloak
Tracker's Wrap Hunter Cloak
Unbelievably Old Cloak Hunter Cloak
Watchers' Cloak Hunter Cloak
Wetwork Cloak Hunter Cloak
Wolves' Cloak Hunter Cloak
"Atlas's Burden" Titan Mark
"Blood and Mortar" Titan Mark
"Cast in Blood" Titan Mark
"The Mandate" Titan Mark
"Ultimateless" Titan Mark
Anathema Cannon Mark Titan Mark
Avenger Mark Titan Mark
Bastion Mark Titan Mark
Cosmoclast Mark Titan Mark
Dead Light Mark Titan Mark
Endling Mark Titan Mark
Eon Tracer Mark Titan Mark
Formation Mark Titan Mark
Golden Hour Mark Titan Mark
High Command Mark Titan Mark
Holborn's Host Mark Titan Mark
Idylls of the Iron Lords Titan Mark
Immanent War Mark Titan Mark
Impervious Mark Titan Mark
Iron Saga Mark Titan Mark
Jolder's Iron Sash Titan Mark
Lightning Mark Titan Mark
Mark of Chaos Titan Mark
Mark of Command Titan Mark
Mark of Contention Titan Mark
Mark of Diligence Titan Mark
Mark of Discipline Titan Mark
Mark of Favor Titan Mark
Mark of Fortitude Titan Mark
Mark of Fortune Titan Mark
Mark of Fury Titan Mark
Mark of History Titan Mark
Mark of Lost Charge Titan Mark
Mark of No Tomorrow Titan Mark
Mark of Oblivion Titan Mark
Mark of Renown Titan Mark
Mark of Resolve Titan Mark
Mark of Sacrifice Titan Mark
Mark of Unity Titan Mark
Mark of the Anchor Titan Mark
Mark of the Beacon Titan Mark
Mark of the Bulwarks Titan Mark
Mark of the Chain Titan Mark
Mark of the Chosen Titan Mark
Mark of the Circle Titan Mark
Mark of the Conqueror Titan Mark
Mark of the Dauntless Titan Mark
Mark of the Devils Titan Mark
Mark of the Duskborn Titan Mark
Mark of the Embattled Titan Mark
Mark of the Executor Titan Mark
Mark of the Exile Titan Mark
Mark of the Exile Titan Mark
Mark of the Exodus Titan Mark
Mark of the First Pillar Titan Mark
Mark of the Fortress Titan Mark
Mark of the Hidden Titan Mark
Mark of the Initiative Titan Mark
Mark of the Keeper Titan Mark
Mark of the Kings Titan Mark
Mark of the Lost Titan Mark
Mark of the Martyred Titan Mark
Mark of the New Front Titan Mark
Mark of the New Sun Titan Mark
Mark of the Order Titan Mark
Mark of the Pilgrim Guard Titan Mark
Mark of the Protector Titan Mark
Mark of the Queen's Guard Titan Mark
Mark of the Risen Titan Mark
Mark of the Rising Titan Mark
Mark of the Sentry Titan Mark
Mark of the Six Fronts Titan Mark
Mark of the Sojourn Titan Mark
Mark of the Spawn Titan Mark
Mark of the Stoneborn Titan Mark
Mark of the Supreme Titan Mark
Mark of the Wall Titan Mark
Mark of the War Tides Titan Mark
Mark of the Watcher Titan Mark
Mark of the Wolves Titan Mark
NOYB Mark Titan Mark
Radegast's Iron Sash Titan Mark
Scarab's Vigil Mark Titan Mark
Silimar's Iron Sash Titan Mark
Spliced Cosmoclast Mark Titan Mark
Stellar Impact Mark Titan Mark
Toward the Sky Mark Titan Mark
Vitruvius Mark Titan Mark
Watchers' Mark Titan Mark
"After Effects" Warlock Bond
"Ancestral Demise" Warlock Bond
"Blind Evoke" Warlock Bond
"Blood Maturity" Warlock Bond
"Born of Sight" Warlock Bond
"Circle of War" Warlock Bond
"Computable Secrets" Warlock Bond
"Controversial Remains" Warlock Bond
"Cosmic Truths" Warlock Bond
"Creation's Wind" Warlock Bond
"Cryptic and Ineffable" Warlock Bond
"Curse of the Hidden" Warlock Bond
"Death of Fate" Warlock Bond
"Dispersed Vengeance" Warlock Bond
"Emerald Light" Warlock Bond
"Eternal Light" Warlock Bond
"Existential Threats" Warlock Bond
"Expansion" Warlock Bond
"Eye of History" Warlock Bond
"Faceless Demise" Warlock Bond
"Forgotten Force" Warlock Bond
"House of Devils" Warlock Bond
"House of Kings" Warlock Bond
"House of Wolves" Warlock Bond
"Immanent War" Warlock Bond
"Inertia Engine" Warlock Bond
"Light Beyond" Warlock Bond
"Light Unknown" Warlock Bond
"Loop of Night" Warlock Bond
"Metastability Event" Warlock Bond
"Mirrors of Chaos" Warlock Bond
"Mystic Drain" Warlock Bond
"No Footprints" Warlock Bond
"No Tomorrow" Warlock Bond
"One True Constant" Warlock Bond
"Other Side of Nothing" Warlock Bond
"Paradox and Truth" Warlock Bond
"Phantom Wisdom" Warlock Bond
"Red Eternal" Warlock Bond
"Ritual Expansion" Warlock Bond
"Song of Dusk" Warlock Bond
"Song of the Light" Warlock Bond
"The Age to Come" Warlock Bond
"The Before Time" Warlock Bond
"The Calming" Warlock Bond
"The Chaos Constant" Warlock Bond
"The Conflagration" Warlock Bond
"The Cure" Warlock Bond
"The Gone" Warlock Bond
"The Order" Warlock Bond
"The Risen Ones" Warlock Bond
"The Tethering" Warlock Bond
"The Transcendent Mind" Warlock Bond
"The Unconquerable" Warlock Bond
"The Waking Dreams" Warlock Bond
"Tooth and Claw" Warlock Bond
"Trained Chaos" Warlock Bond
"Twist of Fate" Warlock Bond
"Variable Flow" Warlock Bond
"Wearable Collider" Warlock Bond
"Willful Exodus" Warlock Bond
Bond of Control Warlock Bond
Bond of Focus Warlock Bond
Bond of Polarity Warlock Bond
Bond of Unknowing Warlock Bond
Bond of Will Warlock Bond
Bond of the Exile Warlock Bond
Bond of the Exile Warlock Bond
Bond of the Queen's Guard Warlock Bond
Bond of the Universal Warlock Bond
Cobra's Vigil Bond Warlock Bond
Endling Bond Warlock Bond
Eon Tracer Bond Warlock Bond
Felwinter's Iron Bond Warlock Bond
Hadron Gale Bond Warlock Bond
High Command Bond Warlock Bond
Ice Age Bond Warlock Bond
Idylls of the Iron Lords Warlock Bond
Incandescent Mind Warlock Bond
Iron Saga Bond Warlock Bond
One is All Bond Warlock Bond
Potential Bond Warlock Bond
Red Miasma Bond Warlock Bond
Sepiks Deposed Bond Warlock Bond
Skorri's Iron Bond Warlock Bond
Spliced Red Miasma Bond Warlock Bond
Thought Lantern Warlock Bond
Timur's Iron Bond Warlock Bond
Watchers' Bond Warlock Bond

Artifacts Type
Azure Lens Artifact
Golden Age Lens Artifact
Grayscale Lens Artifact
Memory of Felwinter Artifact
Memory of Gheleon Artifact
Memory of Jolder Artifact
Memory of Perun Artifact
Memory of Radegast Artifact
Memory of Silimar Artifact
Memory of Skorri Artifact
Memory of Timur Artifact
Topsy-Turvy Lens Artifact
Deidris's Fist Hunter Artifact
Perfected SIVA Shard Hunter Artifact
SIVA Shard Hunter Artifact
Bretomart's Pledge Titan Artifact
Perfected SIVA Core Titan Artifact
SIVA Core Titan Artifact
Colovance's Choice Warlock Artifact
Perfected SIVA Capsule Warlock Artifact
SIVA Capsule Warlock Artifact

Consumables Type
Dusty Iron Engram Armor Engram
Dusty Iron Engram Armor Engram
Iron Engram Armor Engram
Iron Engram Armor Engram
Iron Armor: Arms Armor Package
Iron Armor: Chest Armor Package
Iron Armor: Class Items Armor Package
Iron Armor: Head Armor Package
Iron Armor: Legs Armor Package
Hunter's Surge of Light Consumable
Iron Lords' Legacy Consumable
Isenfyre Token Consumable
Perfected SIVA Offering Consumable
Perfected SIVA Offering Consumable
Perfected SIVA Offering Consumable
Perfected SIVA Offering Consumable
Perfected SIVA Offering Consumable
SIVA Cache Key Consumable
Skeleton Key Consumable
Splicer Intel Relay Consumable
Splicer Intel Relay Consumable
Splicer Intel Relay Consumable
Splicer Intel Relay Consumable
Splicer Key Consumable
Titan's Surge of Light Consumable
Warlock's Surge of Light Consumable
Legacy of the Lost Mystery Bag
Radiant Treasure Mystery Bag
Sterling Treasure Mystery Bag
Treasures of the Lost Mystery Bag

Sparrow Horn
Gjallar Horn

Once and Future
Timeless Tereshkova

Arecibo Answer
Eternally Assured Destruction
F11 "Scavenger"
Iron Gjallarwing
S-38 Regal Bearing
S-39 Autumn Glow
S-39 Lightrider
S-40 Iron Revelry
SV7 "Morrow's Gait"

Ghost Shells
Amalgam Shell
Bellicose Shell
Crucible Shell
Diaspora Shell
Exile Shell
Infection Shell
Iron Song Shell
Ironwolf Shell
Senator Shell
Towerwatch Shell

Devil Undone
Ironwood Alight
Machina Sacra
Machine God's Bane
Memories of Iron
Shield of the City
Sigil of the Young Wolf
Solar Labor
The New Wolf Pack
The SIVA Solution
Vigilamus Noctu
Vigilant Disciple
Vosik's Venom

Ornaments Type
Days of Iron Ornament Armor Ornament Token
Flawless Vigil Ornament Armor Ornament Token
Perfected Ornament Armor Ornament Token

Banner Unbroken
Perilous Quest
The Blast of War
The Devoted

Challenge Dance
Club Dance
Do It
Finger Wag
Instructional Dance
Kicks Dance
Monster Dance
Trotting Dance
Wiggly Leg Dance
Zombie Dance

Other Type
Aksis Core Material
Calcified Fragment Material
Dormant SIVA Cluster Material
Siege Engine Tech Material
Vosik Core Material
All Hallows' Eve Package
Crucible Armor Package
Crucible Chroma Package
Crucible Weapons Package
Dead Orbit Armor Package
Dead Orbit Chroma Package
Dead Orbit Weapons Package
Future War Cult Armor Package
Future War Cult Chroma Package
Future War Cult Weapons Package
New Monarchy Armor Package
New Monarchy Chroma Package
New Monarchy Weapons Package
Vanguard Armor Package
Vanguard Chroma Package
Vanguard Weapons Package
Curious Transceiver Relic
Curious Transceiver Relic
Curious Transceiver Relic
Curious Transceiver Relic
Curious Transceiver (Broadcasting) Relic



  • A Khvostov Rising – Return to familiar ground, and complete your new rifle.
  • A New Den – Track the House of Wolves across the surface of Mars.
  • A Symbol of Honor – Explore the past for hints to forge a new Gjallarhorn.
  • Bad Blood – Investigate the Hive uprising in the Plaguelands.
  • Beauty in Delivery – Assault a Fallen stronghold. Forge your Gjallarhorn.
  • Blighted Coven – Investigate the rumors of a Taken coven in the Cosmodrome.
  • Entropy's Pinnacle – Scale the Vex Citadel and hunt down the source of Venus's blight.
  • Kings of Decay – Hunt the source of the Taken blight across the Cosmodrome.
  • The Prime's Path – Hunt the Prime Servitor that has brought together the broken House of Wolves.


  • A Rising Tide – Find and destroy the source of the Vex surging to protect the Black Garden.
  • Cayde's Stash – Ascend a colony ship in the Cosmodrome in search of Cayde's lost cache.
  • Chamber of Night – Scour the Hive Fortress for a chamber where the Speaker believes a dark ritual is silencing the Traveler.
  • Download Complete – Open the forgotten archives at Clovis Bray, and search for a way to defend against SIVA.
  • Enemy of My Enemy – Assault the Cabal ship crashed on the Dreadnaught. Learn what they know about Oryx and his defenses.
  • Eye of a Gate Lord – Lure out the Vex Gate Lord that protects the Endless Steps and bring its head back to the Awoken.
  • King of the Mountain – Lord Saladin has called you to defend an abandoned mountaintop observatory from a Fallen assault.
  • Last Rites – Using the stealth code, travel deep into the heart of the Hellmouth and slip away with a sliver of Crota's soul.
  • Lost to Light – Return to the Chamber of Night and steal a shard of the crystal that once held Crota's soul.
  • Outbound Signal – Track a signal from the crashed Cabal ship. Board the Dreadnaught and put an end to this transmission to the stars.
  • Paradox – Investigate the signal coming from the Vault of Glass.
  • Queen's Ransom – Follow Skolas into Vex territory to aid in his capture for the Queen.
  • Regicide – Using the power of ascendance, pass through the rupture and put an end to the Taken King.
  • Scourge of Winter – Hunt and kill Draksis, the House of Winter's Kell, hiding deep in the caves of the Ishtar Sink.
  • Shrine of Oryx – Search the darkest corners of the Hellmouth for the fabled Shrine and destroy it.
  • Siege of the Warmind – Find Rasputin's bunker. Defend it against the Hive attack.
  • The Archive – Find the Collective's lost Archive, sealed for centuries, in a vault deep beneath the Ishtar Academy.
  • The Black Garden – Fight through the Gate and enter the Black Garden to destroy its heart.
  • The Buried City – Clear out the Cabal occupying the lost city of Freehold and explore what remains.
  • The Coming War – Travel to Phobos and investigate the Cabal distress signal.
  • The Dreadnaught – Survive the Dreadnaught's superweapon and establish a beachhead for the Vanguard.
  • The Garden's Spire – Seize control of the Black Garden Spire held behind the wall of the Cabal Warbase and wake the Gate Lord's Eye.
  • The Iron Tomb – Descend to the SIVA replication chamber, and end the threat once and for all.
  • The Last Array – Track down codes to raise an ancient Array and connect it to long-lost colonies throughout the solar system.
  • The Plaguelands – Clear the way to the heart of the SIVA threat, and open a new front on this war for other Guardians.
  • The Promethean Code – Slip past Rasputin's defenses and download stealth code protocols from his Golden Age database.
  • The Ruling House – Scour the Cosmodrome for Skolas and the invading Wolves.
  • The Sword of Crota – Infiltrate the Hive Fortress and destroy the legendary Sword of Crota, a weapon once used to slay thousands of Guardians.
  • The Wakening – Go to the Temple of Crota and destroy Crota's soul.
  • The Walls Come Down – The Cosmodrome has been transformed by an ancient threat. Find the source of the corruption.


  • Sepiks Perfected – The Fallen House of Devils has found a way to resurrect Sepiks, their exalted Servitor and one time God. Fight to the Devils' Lair and destroy him.
  • The Abomination Heist – Fallen Devil Splicers are intent on using SIVA technology to experiment on the Hive. Stop them from stealing an abomination from the Summoning Pits.
  • The Wretched Eye – A Fallen high priest is warping an ancient science to his own twisted ends. Fight to the heart of a Hive nest to find the priest and end his atrocities.





Guardian – Ghost

Guardian – Classes

Allies – Rasputin

Allies – Legends & Mysteries

Allies – Tower Allies

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Enemies – Fallen

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