Simulator Helm
Legendary Titan
"The face of war continues to change. In this timeline, Cabal. In another, Vex. And in this other one—we have no name for what we saw." —RECORD 614-CHASM-8299
Item stats
Armor Perks
Heavy Titan Armor

Improved resilience.

Mobility Enhancement Mod

Increased Mobility

Restorative Mod

Increased Health Recovery.

Armor Mods
Empty Mod Socket

No mod currently selected.

Default Ornament

Restores your armor to its default appearance.

War Simulator Ornament

Complete a Nightfall strike wearing full FWC armor and while pledged to that faction to earn this ornament. It is unlocked to the Simulator Mask, Helm, and Hood.

Superior's Vision Helm

Spend Renown by looting a Lost Sector cache while pledged to Future War Cult.

Default Shader

Restores your gear to its default colors.

Masterwork Armor

Upgrades this armor into a Masterwork. It will reduce incoming damage while your Super is active, and may change the armor's stats.

Rework Armor

Reroll the stat bonuses provided by this armor.