Coronation Mark
Legendary Titan
"The greatest merits are found within. But even these are better displayed by sumptuous dress and a sense of style." —Laws of the Executors, Vol. 1
Armor Mods
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Default Ornament

Restores your armor to its default appearance.

Sovereign Lion Ornament

Claim New Monarchy reward engrams during Season 2 to earn this ornament. It is unlocked to the Coronation Cloak, Mark, and Bond.

Mark of the Royal

While pledged to New Monarchy, complete the Excavation Site XII Lost Sector in the EDZ's Firebase Hades.

Default Shader

Restores your gear to its default colors.

Masterwork Armor

Upgrades this armor into a Masterwork. It will reduce incoming damage while your Super is active, and may change the armor's stats.