Boots of Feltroc
Legendary Hunter
"The Clipse worship guns. That's why Rull and I have an understanding. Even if he's not bright." —Feltroc, the Skull-Piercer
Item stats
Armor Perks
Heavy Hunter Armor

Improved resilience.

Mobility Enhancement Mod

Increased Mobility

Plasteel Reinforcement Mod

Increased Resilience.

Armor Mods

Default Ornament

Restores your armor to its default appearance.

Eater of Worlds Ornament

Complete the Gauntlet challenge to unlock and equip this ornament.

Default Shader

Restores your gear to its default colors.

Masterwork Armor

Upgrades this armor into a Masterwork. It will reduce incoming damage while your Super is active, and may change the armor's stats.

Rework Armor

Reroll the stat bonuses provided by this armor.

As with the Fulminator after her, I gifted Feltroc with a second skin—a battle harness that allowed her to stride with the physical dimensions of the average bipedal Loyalist. I had intended it to be an asset to her, a means to faster preparation with her armory of weapons, a place to store additional tools, and allow her to enter combat with the ergonomics of a "standard" soldier. She told me she preferred it because it gave her enemies a fair shot at her head. I enjoyed her company immensely. —Calus, Emperor of the Cabal