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Recommended Light: 300 A rune that can be used to summon one of Oryx's most powerful lieutenants in the Court of Oryx.
Serviced by the Tower shipyard, this jumpship is in much better shape than when it arrived.
Plating, wire and materials used to upgrade Guardian armor.
An order for armaments, to be taken to the Tower Gunsmith.
This fragment hums with Taken energy and burns to the touch. Eris may know how to safely dispose of it.
Could be useful for setting up an ambush for the Cabal incursion.
Could attract the attention of the Hive. Markings on the object reference a terminal in the depths of the Dreadnaught.
The Queen speaks softly, and carries a big fleet.
A commendation for your assistance. Can be used to grant Crucible reputation.
A gift from Lord Shaxx to celebrate past victories and prepare you for the battles yet to come.
This engram's green color appears to be painted on. Who knows what it actually contains?
"Feed the Eidolon Ally, and it will be transformed." —Eris Morn
Every hero requires a trusty mount.
A selection of delicious, sweet candies for the Festival of the Lost.
Deliver the required materials to Eris so that she can start her work on the weapon's frame.
Stone from a Tombship destroyed by the Queen's Harbingers, fused in the heat of Awoken magic.
The throttle assembly from an Awoken fighter.
"Well, it's not exactly subtle, but this should boost your standing." —Ghost
The currency of the City. A programmable matter used as a source of power before the Collapse. Glimmer is shared between all your characters.
Single-use Ghost manufacturing package. Instantly replenish heavy weapon ammunition.
Filaments of helium-3 fusion fuel, gathered from the lunar regolith by a helium coil.
Provisions for newborn Guardians - a set of Hunter wire armor, and a stash of Glimmer to improve it or buy other gear.
A brilliant spark of the Traveler's Light. Can be consumed to apply experience to your equipped gear.
Draw from the Void. Light the way.
The Queen thanks you for your efforts against the House of Wolves.
The Queen thanks you for your efforts against the House of Wolves.
Recommended Light: 190 An ancient relic that summons one of Oryx's lieutenants in the Court of Oryx.
Provide Shaxx with Hadium Flakes and Motes of Light to refine them into a material worthy of being cast into a blade.
A post-Collapse material of extraordinary density.
Clusters of rare Glimmer-laced gems from the Queen's Crystal Barrows.
The Sparrow is your pen, speed your ink, the open road your blank page. You are a poet of motion.
Spill some sugar in your wake to help their bitter defeat go down.
Opens a Strike Hoard containing gear unique to the Strike in which the Hoard is found.
An order for armaments, to be taken to the Tower Gunsmith.
A filigree of bubbled metal grown by wild colonies of Golden Age cytoconstructors.
Shavings from flower-shaped crystals with pharmaceutical and chemical applications.
Don't fight it. Flow with it.
Upgrades the field engine on the SR-0 Swiftriver.
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