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Speed Boost Durability Description
140 30 45 The Series-20 Cavalier is a Titan mainstay, more robust and reliable than the baseline Sparrow.
140 30 45 Hunters have a reputation for technical savvy. The S-20 Nomad highlights that expertise.
140 30 45 Warlocks devised the Series-20 Seeker variant of the Sparrow for their own arcane purposes.
140 30 45 Titans tune their thrust bikes to handle the burden of heavy armor.
140 30 45 On foot or by thrust bike, Hunters carve new trails through the frontier.
140 30 45 Careful attention to the Seeker's shielding reduces field interference.
140 30 45 The Series-22 Cavalier helps put Titans right where they belong--in the thick of the battle.
140 30 45 The Series-22 Nomad helps Hunters stalk swift prey.
140 30 45 The Series-22 Seeker answers the esoteric needs of elite Warlocks.
140 30 45 The Vanguard prizes its Sparrows, which are invaluable for recon and quick deployment.