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Only dust in your wake.
"Shoot for the stars." "...On a Sparrow?"
Beauty in simplicity.
Heaven is what you make of it.
And neither the angels in Heaven above / Nor the demons down under the sea / Can ever dissever my soul from the soul / Of the beautiful Annabel Lee…
The hero's truest companion.
Wisdom for all. Victory for few.
"I am the line. Evil will go no farther than this." —Vell Tarlowe
Ride to victory.
All heads turn to watch you go.
"Time is meaningless. Drive faster." —Shun Endo
"Study the sacred geometry of light and life." —Ikora Rey
A Wayfarer-class Sparrow emblazoned with the symbol of the Crucible.
"But will my actions avert the futures I see, or cause them?" —Osiris
Life comes at you fast. So do Sparrows.
Where roads end, your journey begins.
"Watch for the red dragon. Here's a hint: It'll be ahead of you." —Ariadne Gris
The Sparrow knows where to go.
Mark the path. Lead the way.
Explosive power in a sleek little package.
"Two words. Sparrow jousting." —Marcus Ren "Two words. Why not?" —Amanda Holliday
Because sometimes you really need to.
Once more into battle. And then again.
The approaching thunder needs not lightning's herald.
Lithe and limber strides the monarch.
The tides of peace roll gently in.
Like a slingshot round the moon.
A souped-up engine isn't all you need, but it helps.
Maneuverabilty to weave a deadly web.
A standard-issue Moonrider-class Sparrow.
Every Guardian needs one.
Reap your harvest.
As far as the eye can see.
Go forth, where only heroes dare.
No one else shall follow.
"All-terrain" includes "no terrain."
May your arrows fly swift and true.
Think of the topography as an ocean you can rule.
Always have an escape plan.
Follow the path that has been forged in your mind.
Adventure awaits.
Unleash your true self.
"I can't think straight unless I'm going faster than 200 clicks per hour." —Ariadne Gris
"I call it the Aesthetics of Momentum." —Tyla Sola
A standard-issue Starchaser-class Sparrow.
"We get there fast. Let's hope it's always fast enough." —Blue Boaz
And watch out—it's hungry.
For enterprising Sparrow enthusiasts.
Faster than venom is the flight of this mount.
One way or another, it always wins out.
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