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A Guardian needs a mount that tells a story. The teeth on the hood are just the start.
Then from the smoke came locusts on the earth, and they were given the power of scorpions.
"Definition: the point at which you're so far behind, you can't even see me anymore." —Cron-8
Oath of the Velos Knight: I solemnly swear to drive really, really fast.
Let them hear, see, and feel the power of the Guardians.
Start something.
There's always a bigger wave.
The Wayfarer Delta upgrade features improved drive systems and anti-grav stabilizers.
The Wayfarer Tri update features rebalanced grav propulsors and a gel-padded seat cushion.
A standard-issue Wayfarer-class Sparrow.
"It's dangerous to take a bird out of its natural habitat." —Blue Boaz
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