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Fewer mins, more maxes.
Only dust in your wake.
"Shoot for the stars." "…On a Sparrow?"
"I bet Elsie could make it go faster." —Alton Bray
Climbing ever higher in search of triumph.
Beauty in simplicity.
Heaven is what you make of it.
And neither the angels in Heaven above / Nor the demons down under the sea / Can ever dissever my soul from the soul / Of the beautiful Annabel Lee…
The hero's truest companion.
Wisdom for all. Victory for few.
"I am the line. Evil will go no farther than this." —Vell Tarlowe
Ride to victory.
Primarily used on the ice caps of Mars during the Golden Age.
"I win." —Ariadne Gris
The dogs of war arrive hungry.
All heads turn to watch you go.
The Dawning comes once a year. Some wish it would take a little longer.
"Time is meaningless. Drive faster." —Shun Endo
"Study the sacred geometry of light and life." —Ikora Rey
A Wayfarer-class Sparrow emblazoned with the symbol of the Crucible.
"But will my actions avert the futures I see, or cause them?" —Osiris
Life comes at you fast. So do Sparrows.
Where roads end, your journey begins.
Open the doors and bring in the light.
"Watch for the red dragon. Here's a hint: It'll be ahead of you." —Ariadne Gris
The Sparrow knows where to go.
A lost artifact of the Golden Age.
Mark the path. Lead the way.
Rise and be reborn for justice.
A true partner is one who inspires us to improve every day.
The shepherd of souls in flight.
Explosive power in a sleek little package.
Once a refugee transport during the Battle of Six Fronts.
A lost artifact of the Golden Age.
The spheres are singing to us.
Listen to the wisdom of the red planet.
Shine on, you crazy jewels!
"Two words. Sparrow jousting." —Marcus Ren "Two words. Why not?" —Amanda Holliday
"Is it possible to be in love with a Sparrow?" —Marcus Ren
Because sometimes you really need to.
A twinkle in our eyes, ozone in our lungs, and a song in our hearts.
Once more into battle. And then again.
"Captain, this conveyance's top speed is a fraction of the Exodus Black's when it crashed into Nessus!" "Try not to find out for yourself." —Failsafe
Try and keep up.
The approaching thunder needs not lightning's herald.
Those we love never truly leave us.
Lithe and limber strides the monarch.
The tides of peace roll gently in.
Like a slingshot round the moon.
A souped-up engine isn't all you need, but it helps.
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