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Odyssey-class refit. Better than the sum of its parts.
As you give so shall you receive.
Defend every corner.
Light a torch for the wanderers, that they may find their way back.
The guiding star will light the way.
We said we'd make it.
"Finest in the solar system, sir. A shining bloom."
Nothing exists which can't be broken down into constituent parts.
Sealing and delivering salvation and death in equal measure.
Race the stars and see them shrink away.
"Well, tell me now what lady is the same to whom you swore a secret pilgrimage?" —Shakespeare
We bear a story that will be told a thousand times.
Let the darkness hear a fierce, screaming cry.
A ship built for legends.
The deepest blues and blacks you ever saw.
"In my school days, when I had lost one shaft, I shot his fellow of the selfsame flight." —Shakespeare
"The weight of the worlds. That's what they used to say." —Quantis Rhee
My dreams are carved into stone.
There is joy in flight.
Bring life and new ideas with you wherever you go.
"Let the enemy come, or let us go to them; it makes no difference." —Future War Cult rallying cry
An Echo-class refit designed by SRL legend Marcus Ren.
"I breathe easier when I'm out among the stars." —Quantis Rhee
Let glory shine on your face and all of those around you.
A Häkke Vimana class refit, preferred by satcomm technicians.
"It may look like a big creepy face soarin' through the stars, but don't you worry. It'll fly true." —Amanda Holliday
The immortal hand and eye.
Nobody ventured farther.
An Echo-class refit designed for one thing: speed.
While we are together, let the festivities begin.
While we are together, let the festivities begin.
A Häkke Vimana class refit, painted for Revelry festivities in the Last City.
Odyssey-class refit. Someday it'll all make sense.
Everything is always getting better.
When you reach the farthest star, keep going.
“When the people see your ship in the sky, they will know that they are safe.” —The Speaker
New stars burn brightest.
The air's a little colder, a little cleaner up here.
A Häkke Vimana class refit, repurposed for civilian transport to and from the Last City during the Revelry.
Skipping through galaxies like a stone.
Let old wounds heal.
Crossing skies and chasing suns.
The engines on this Nautilus-class retrofit were pulled from a much larger craft.  Maximum thrust is not recommended.
"This place is just the beginning. More dazzling sights await us." —Dead Orbit slogan
Let us bring the glory of the Dawning to one another.
Joy is up to you—take it and fly.
Nothing's going to stop us now.
"Smoke. Leaves. Friends. Thoughts. Lives. Dust. Don't even try to hold on." —The Drifter
Nautilus-class aerosub, designed for seamless transition between methane submersion and low-atmosphere flight on Titan.
It doesn't need talons to be the most dangerous thing in the sky.
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