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Lead from the front.
Time is very short...
The stars my destination.
You are but the most recent entry in the Cosmodrome's long and legendary history.
Change needs careful tending.
Infinity awaits us.
The Valkyrie-O5X is a pet project of Tower Shipwright, Amanda Holliday. Refurbished from choice parts for far-reaching exploration.
Digital blueprints for a kit-bashed O5X. Return this to Holliday, the Shipwright in the Tower.
RHO-8a Teng Tactical Combatant
The old blood of Murmansk.
"Not Eliksni, no… but true Kell and Queen. House Judgment honors her." —Variks
A refurbished blockade runner, customized with the Fallen House of Wolves' sigil, given as a trophy to those who brave the Prison of Elders.
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