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The stars my destination.
You are but the most recent entry in the Cosmodrome's long and legendary history.
Change needs careful tending.
Infinity awaits us.
The Valkyrie-O5X is a pet project of Tower Shipwright, Amanda Holliday. Refurbished from choice parts for far-reaching exploration.
Digital blueprints for a kit-bashed O5X. Return this to Holliday, the Shipwright in the Tower.
RHO-8a Teng Tactical Combatant
The old blood of Murmansk.
"Not Eliksni, no… but true Kell and Queen. House Judgment honors her." —Variks
A refurbished blockade runner, customized with the Fallen House of Wolves' sigil, given as a trophy to those who brave the Prison of Elders.
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