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Way to go!
Make it stop! Make it stop!
Hey friend, feeling blue?
Sit like a Hunter.
Wave like a Hunter.
That's hilarious.
No way, no time, no how.
Ask nicely now…
Over there...
Great. Just great. That was really, really great.
The brightest lights sometimes burn out fastest.
Courage sometimes requires standing still.
Mistakes can burn, even in the dead of night.
Sometimes the battle burns you up.
Heat can burn as much as it warms.
Hold too tight and it could all slip away.
Go swift as a steed newly awakened.
Stare into the sun and get burned.
Beloved cities burn in your mind's eye.
Battle scars may burn and leave a mark.
Hide your true face from the sun, lest you get burned.
Memories of the City burn in your heart.
Even the warmest light can sometimes burn you up.
Jump not from the pan into the flames.
Memories of lost loves burn in your heart.
A little appreciation goes a long way.
Sit like a Titan.
Wave like a Titan.
Sit like a Warlock.
Wave like a Warlock.
Hold your Sparrows!
So bored…
Yes, absolutely.