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For Ghosts who love to try on new identities.
The Cabal tend to use a single technology to power everything in their arsenal. Take advantage of that design flaw to send them a message.
For Ghosts who float at the eye of the storm.
Without power, Zavala's resistance has hit a wall. Travel deeper into the Arcology and help them past it.
Complete the campaign mission you have selected from Ikora.
Complete any available daily or weekly challenges.
Return to Ikora.
Speak to Ikora in the Tower.
Solstice Armor (Rekindled) Set
Solstice Armor (Scorched) Set
Solstice Armor (Resplendent) Set
For Ghosts who know there is more royalty in effort than in any blood.
Asher's worked up about Vex interest in the Io Vault. He's got an unusual suggestion for how to deal with the problem.
A bundle for Guardians who seek justice for a fallen friend. Contains 3 Bright Engrams, 10 Forsaken-themed shaders, and 500 Bright Dust. Limit one per account.
Defeat enemies in strikes with any Rocket Launcher.
A bundle for Guardians who need to get somewhere fast. Contains an instant-summon Sparrow, 3 Fireteam Medallions, and 10 Vex Chrome shaders.
Complete 25 Bounties
For Ghosts with attitude.
For Ghosts who like to walk in someone else's… shoes.
Complete the campaign mission you have selected from Ikora.
Since the loss of her Light, Ikora has many questions—and she's not leaving Io without answers.
Hey, Guardian, it'll be OK.
Loyalty does not mean obligation. Only justice is blind.
Season with style.
A soldier's bond is eternal.
Loot chests in the EDZ.
For Ghosts who keep watch from above.
For Ghosts with a love for the classic.
Pay homage to the Black Armory's Japanese heritage by defeating enemies with Swords, Sniper Rifles, and Bows.
Get Void kills on Titan.
Follow Spider's tip to the Scorned Barons' hideout and avenge Cayde-6.
A mask to celebrate Festival of the Lost.
Siviks's syndicate, the Kell's Scourge, is fearless and growing fast. The Fallen are distributing his tainted Black Armory gear everywhere. Track the origin of the tainted gear by investigating Fallen caches in the EDZ.
"The Scorn seek revenge for the death of the Fanatic. They will never willingly leave the Dreaming City." —Petra Venj
"The Taken have infected the City at its core. Every kill helps ease the pressure." —Petra Venj
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