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Plating, wire and materials used to upgrade Guardian armor.
The boiling energies of the zero-point field trapped in a stasis capsule.
A self-stabilizing knot of spacetime geometry.
A work order for installation and calibration of a cascade driver array.
Their god is now our power.
Stolen from a Hive chamber, what this tiny orb represents is unknowable and terrifying. Used to upgrade weapons of Hive origin.
Slivers of glass used by the Vex. Isotopic dating suggests their age ranges across billions of years - past and future.
"Feed the Eidolon Ally, and it will be transformed." —Eris Morn
A volatile synthesis of energized matter and self-modifying energy constructs.
For making ultimate improvements to high-quality armor.
A remnant that almost seems to have a life of its own. Can be used to unlock the full power of Exotic gear.
For making ultimate improvements to high-quality weapons.
Slivers of glassy material that appear to alter the flow of time around them. Said to be used by the Nine to transform the properties of Exotic gear.
Translucent shards of non-baryonic matter, trembling with contained energy.
Shards of a reactive metal that stores whatever energy it is exposed to.
A dense lattice of exotic baryons and mesons, used as an infusion in Warlock fieldweave.
A hangar assignment from the Tower Shipwright. No ship lands without one.
Filaments of helium-3 fusion fuel, gathered from the lunar regolith by a helium coil.
Can be used to upgrade Rare Sparrow Horns to Legendary.
Dipole filament used to reversibly fuse sections of ship hull plating.
If you hold at least 20 shards, you will earn extra rewards when you defeat Oryx in the Taken King version of King's Fall.
A work order for initialization and updating of a synchronized navcore system.
This glue has dried up. Dismantle into Silver Dust.
Low density plasteel plating with superior heat-resistant and kinematic properties.
A durable hybrid plastic favored by Titans for its balance of strength and workability.
The light of particle-antiparticle annihilation, trapped in a stasis capsule.
A primordial singularity frozen on the edge of evanescence.
A post-Collapse material of extraordinary density.
A weapon core inscribed with unsettling Hive sigils. Used to upgrade weapons gifted from Eris.
A favorite of Hunters because of its versatility, this wire is incorporated into almost all Hunter gear.
Code tweaks and mods for more complex armor shaders.
A reverse engineered shell that allows a Shader to interface with ship hull coatings.
Used to upgrade Wrath of the Machine raid gear. 10 of these can also be consumed to create a SIVA Cache Key, which opens SIVA Caches in the Wrath of the Machine raid.
A filigree of bubbled metal grown by wild colonies of Golden Age cytoconstructors.
Shavings from flower-shaped crystals with pharmaceutical and chemical applications.
A work order for installation and tuning of a bio-rated utility transmat array.
A spaceflight-rated powerplant requisitioned from a City shipyard.
A layer of translation code that allows a shader to interface with vehicle coatings.
Vex raid rare material for Vex exotic weapon blueprint.
Tools and materials required to upgrade and customize high quality weapons.
For weapon upgrades and repairs.
A concentrated transmutation catalyst that reacts to both the Light and the Darkness.