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Alkane Dust Redeemable
Arcology Token Redeemable
Ballistics Log Consumable
Baryon Bough Redeemable
BrayTech Schematic Redeemable
Bug in the System (Heroic) Mercury Adventure Token
Building Material Redeemable
Charge of Light—Tier I Consumable
Charge of Light—Tier II Consumable
Charge of Light—Tier III Consumable
Collector Synth Consumable
Crucible Token Redeemable
Dead Orbit Token Redeemable
Dusklight Shard Redeemable
EDZ Token Redeemable
Emperor Calus Token Redeemable
Enigmatic Invitation Consumable
Etheric Spiral Redeemable
Finest Matterweave Consumable
Fireteam Medallion Consumable
Fireteam Medallion Consumable
Five of Swords Challenge Card
Fizzled Ornament Consumable
Forge Polymer Consumable
Fuel Material Redeemable
FWC Token Redeemable
Gleaming Boon of the Crucible Consumable
Gleaming Boon of the Vanguard Consumable
Gunsmith Materials Redeemable
(Heroic) A Frame Job Mercury Adventure Token
(Heroic) Anti-Anti-Air Mercury Adventure Token
(Heroic) Arecibo Mercury Adventure Token
(Heroic) Bad Neighbors Mercury Adventure Token
(Heroic) Calling Them Home Mercury Adventure Token
(Heroic) Cliffhanger Mercury Adventure Token
(Heroic) Dark Alliance Mercury Adventure Token
(Heroic) Deathless Mercury Adventure Token
(Heroic) Deep Conversation Mercury Adventure Token
(Heroic) Exodus Siege Mercury Adventure Token
(Heroic) Getting Your Hands Dirty Mercury Adventure Token
(Heroic) Hack the Planet Mercury Adventure Token
(Heroic) Invitation from the Emperor Mercury Adventure Token
(Heroic) Lost Crew Mercury Adventure Token
(Heroic) No Safe Distance Mercury Adventure Token
(Heroic) Poor Reception Mercury Adventure Token
(Heroic) Postmodern Prometheus Mercury Adventure Token
(Heroic) Red Legion, Black Oil Mercury Adventure Token
(Heroic) Release Mercury Adventure Token
(Heroic) Reversing the Polarity Mercury Adventure Token
(Heroic) Road Rage Mercury Adventure Token
Arcology flora and crystallized methane, synthesized with Hive materials. Bring this to Sloane in Siren's Watch to discover its value.
Proof of your efforts on the moon Titan. Bring this to Sloane in Siren's Watch to increase your reputation with her.
Valuable ballistics data employed by the Black Armory to refine their arsenal. Used to buy weapon frames from Ada-1.
A species of diffusuceae prized by the Awoken for its many uses. Take this to Petra Venj to discover its value.
An object of great interest to Ana. Return this to Ana Bray to gain access to a Warmind Engram. Max one per account per day.
Corrupt a Vex data-harvesting operation by withstanding an onslaught of Hive.
New Monarchy can use this to rebuild the City.
The Light barely radiates from this object, but it's there. This offering to the Blind Well will provide a small charge to the mechanism.
This object hums with the power of the Light. This offering to the Blind Well will provide a medium charge to the mechanism.
You can feel the energy contained within radiating from the orb. This offering to Blind Well will provide a large charge to the mechanism.
Use this to increase an armor set bonus, or insert it into a Synthesizer to create a Collector Mote. Earned in Gambit Prime.
Proof of your accomplishments in the Crucible. Bring this to Lord Shaxx to increase your Crucible reputation.
Proof of your efforts in support of Dead Orbit. Bring this to Arach Jalaal to increase your Dead Orbit reputation.
The presence of the Traveler's Shard in the EDZ has changed this rock on a molecular level. Take this to Devrim Kay in Trostland to discover its value.
A proof of your efforts in the EDZ. Bring this to Devrim Kay in Trostland to increase your reputation with him.
Evidence of your worthiness in the eyes of Emperor Calus. Bring this to Benedict 99-40 to increase your reputation with the Emperor.
A cryptic missive, marked with the sign of the Drifter. Return to him to collect your reward.
Eliksni Ether reacted with anaerobic fungus to produce this strange plant.
A masterwork ionizer found in the scraps of a lucky dismantle.
The strongest Guardians are those who stand together.
The strongest Guardians are those who stand together.
Is it a portent of victory, or warning of overconfidence? Enables modifiers in Nightfall strikes. More challenging modifiers apply larger score multipliers.
“Duplicate Data Found” This item is granted instead of an ornament when the ornament has been previously unlocked. Dismantles into a pile of Bright Dust.
When consumed, this valuable substance allows you to obtain a piece of armor upon successfully forging a Black Armory weapon.
Proof of your efforts in support of the Future War Cult. Bring this to Lakshmi-2 while pledged to Future War Cult to increase your Future War Cult reputation.
When this is used during a Crucible match, all players receive an Eververse Gift at the end of that match. Only one gift consumable may be used per player in an activity.
When this is used during a strike, all players receive an Eververse Gift at the end of that strike. Only one gift consumable may be used per player in an activity.
Materials that may be useful for modifying weapons and armor. Bring these to a Gunsmith to increase your reputation with them.
Travel deep into enemy territory, ambush the Red Legion, and trick them into retaliating against the Fallen.
Infiltrate the Red Legion base and disable their network of flak turrets.
Investigate a mysterious broadcast that only you and your Ghost can hear.
Resolve a dangerous conflict between the Fallen and the Hive.
Hawthorne is broadcasting a message from the Farm to guide refugees there. Help her amplify it to reach the entire region.
Asher has information about the Vex's next conversion site, and he wants it stopped.
Red Legion Psions are meddling with forces best left alone. Investigate their connection to dark forces in the region.
Clear out the Knight that's keeping Sloane's crews from their work.
Failsafe has a plan to retrieve Vex data. But she'll need Ghost's help.
The Fallen prepare to attack Failsafe's mainframe aboard the Exodus Black.
Seize upon the Taken invasion of the EDZ, direct their assault against the Red Legion, and end it before it gets out of control.
Ghost has a plan to interface with the Nessus core. But he'll need Failsafe's help.
Cayde's worried about a mysterious message drawing the Red Legion to a remote corner of Nessus.
Help Failsafe find two long-lost members of her crew.
The Red Legion base is full of explosives even more dangerous than usual. Find and neutralize them before they can enter the field.
The Fallen are trying to block all communications in the EDZ. Find the source of the interference and shut it down.
Ikora is reluctantly allowing Asher to explore a plan where he'd convert the Traveler's energy into a form of synthetic Light.
Destroy the dark liquid that the Cabal use to power their technology or contaminate it, for a subtler approach.
The Vex appear to be capturing the Fallen, and Failsafe wants it stopped.
The Cabal tend to use a single technology to power everything in their arsenal. Take advantage of that design flaw to send them a message.
Asher's worked up about Vex interest in the Io Vault. He's got an unusual suggestion for how to deal with the problem.
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