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Stop a Cabal simulation carrying heavily encrypted data.
Stop a Cabal simulation carrying heavily encrypted data.
Prevent the Vex from completing a simulation of Fallen combat tactics.
Prevent the Vex from completing a simulation of Fallen combat tactics.
This boon from the Nine feels both strange and familiar.
"So this cache… all I remember is it's in a very… blue room. You'll know it when you see it." —Cayde-6
"Mapping these pings to the latest from Sloane, looks like you'll be tearing through some kind of ceiling garden. Good luck with that.” —Cayde-6
"I take it you like to jump, right? I see the way you jump all around the Tower. Guardians these days—no respect for gravity." —Cayde-6
"Getting pings on another one somewhere high up in one of those towers. From what I hear, the Fallen are using those towers as some kind of junkyard. Could be like a needle in a haystack. Good luck.” —Cayde-6
"OK, I actually made a sketch to remind me of this one. And it looks like I put it… near some kind of windmill. Or fan. Or something." —Cayde-6
"I always used Titan as a rest stop before hitting the Reef. Something about those waves. This one's right under your nose. And your feet." —Cayde-6
"This one is in some kind of wall. What was it with the Golden Age that they built walls around everything?" —Cayde-6
"What idiot crashed the tank into the wall? It definitely, one hundred percent, absolutely wasn't me. You believe me, right?" —Cayde-6
"So I chased the gang of Awoken thieves up to the Arcology. That bridge didn't look too stable, and I'm not into methane baths, so I stashed what I had and picked up their trail inside." —Cayde-6
"Titan who gave me the lead said he stood there watching their spawning crud just repel off my cache… too scared to touch it. You aren't scared of a little Hive fungus are you?" —Cayde-6
"Reef Awoken are weird like that. She assured me it was a gold mine, so I went exploring. Check near some kind of generator machine thing, there should be one I haven't hit in years." —Cayde-6
"And just to amuse myself I would find natural x's in any environment and stash something somewhere beneath them, just to be able to say those words to myself… 'X marks the spot.'”
"Those Fallen on Titan. I've been after them for years. They ransacked an old trove I kept in the Sink on Venus, then went completely dark. Getting pings on one, but everyone who's been after it gets lost in the dark way down below." —Cayde-6
"You know what I used to love about my rest stops on Titan? Walking into the Arcology and thinking about it in its heyday. But then you get to thinking of how much we actually lost, and now the Hive just spawning everywhere… and the will to fight boils right back up." —Cayde-6
"We Exo must've had it made back in the Golden Age. Just my presence alone seems to bypass any active security measures in the Arcologies." —Cayde-6
Proof that you have been judged and found worthy. Bring this to the Emissary to increase your reputation with the Nine.
Proof of study done on behalf of Vanguard Research. Bring this to Ikora Rey to increase your reputation with her.
Proof of valor displayed in defense of the City. Bring this to Commander Zavala to increase your reputation with him.
This material will help in the wars to come.
Recorded performance data that could prove useful in modifying weapons. Bring these to a Gunsmith to increase your reputation with them.
Use this item to gain experience at a faster rate.
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