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This stolen Fallen relay makes cryptic reference to Hive "lessers." Use the data to access the old Highway and disrupt Splicer activity.
A key to secure Splicer locations.
You break it, you pie it. Changes the appearance of your respawn for 2 hours.
A note about The Dawning from Cayde-6.
A note from Eris Morn written during The Dawning.
A letter from Ikora Rey about The Dawning.
A message from Petra Venj about The Dawning.
A Dawning message from Master Rahool.
A missive from Lord Shaxx in honor of The Dawning.
A letter from The Speaker, written to commemorate The Dawning.
A dispatch from Commander Zavala about The Dawning.
Could be useful for setting up an ambush for the Cabal incursion.
Stackable effect that increases the chances the next Ultra you defeat or Crucible match you complete will award an Exotic Engram.
Consume to receive House of Judgment reputation.
Increases likelihood of weapon and armor drops from your next Heroic King's Fall foe.
Increased Vanguard reputation rewards from Strike playlists for you and your Fireteam for 2 hours. This item is nonreturnable.
Barbed shackles of a material that is painful to the touch. An inspiration to defeat the Hive. Increases XP gain from Hive for 10 minutes.
Easy come, easy go. Changes the appearance of your respawn for 2 hours.
Kill enemies on the Dreadnaught. Death resets your progress.
Could attract the attention of the Hive. Markings on the object match those on a terminal near the Cabal incursion.
"Those I serve want you to have this." —Xûr
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