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Increases likelihood of weapon and armor drops from your next King's Fall foe.
Pay your respects in the Iron Temple.
The Hive may haunt the dreams of children, but you haunt the dreams of the Hive.
Near the Court but in a cave, along the road that maggots pave.
Near the breach where foes invade, nestled with worms inside a cave.
In the Court and just below, where but the bravest dare to go.
In the Mausoleum find the Key where maggots lurk blind.
In the Mausoleum, 'tween a path the living have not seen.
Near the Breach but down below, where only heroes dare to go.
Along the Mausoleum walk, toward the breach where invaders dock.
In the breach, but on the path where lords and princes feed their wrath.
Near the Court where debts are paid, on the ledge where faith is laid.
Effect that increases the rewards from the next raid encounter you complete in a Weekly Featured Raid. "Boons I grant you, oh bearer mine, but debts must be paid in time."
A Ghost telemetry link that speeds the development of your upgradeable Machine Guns. Lasts 30 minutes.
A brilliant spark of the Traveler's Light. Can be consumed to apply experience to your equipped gear.
One-time codes used to secure Cabal communications. Always of interest to the Cryptarch in the Tower.
You light the way, and others follow.
Joy and companionship will be yours in the new year.
When all is lost, you will still be a Guardian, and you will still be enough.
Cayde will wink at your mischief and look the other way.
Your Ghost will open many doors for you.
You will pull off a stunning upset in the Crucible.
You will travel to new places and make new friends.
You will hear the old stories. You will learn secrets.
You will demolish your Sparrow at high speed.
You stood by the City in its hour of greatest need, and you will do so again.
Help my name is Cayde and I'm stuck writing fortunes in the Tower—
Listen to the quiet and learn what it has to teach you.
Be open to others. Your walls will come down.
Your enemies will tremble before you.
You have much to offer those you meet, and they have much to teach you.
You are not alone. The Tower stands with you. The City stands behind you, cautiously.
Your future is full of Glimmer, engrams, Strange Coins, and Legendary Marks.
You will achieve your aims through cunning and stealth.
You will achieve your heart's desire by blasting things to bits.
Compassion burns brighter than the greatest Light.
Ikora will treasure the secrets you bring her and cite you in her research.
You will accomplish your goals with great force and little subtlety.
You warm others in the coldest times.
You will destroy to rebuild.
Be gentle, Guardian. And be brave.
The Traveler will smile upon you.
You will forget to thank your Ghost. Again. Sheesh.
You will find that gun you like, and you will use it, and it will feel amazing.
You will dance on the bodies of your enemies.
Zavala will lean on you for assistance and be grateful for it.
The truest strength comes from within. The next best is a Ward of Dawn.
An unusual number of your engrams will turn out to be Strange Coins.
You will fail to impress Eris. But then, so will everyone else.