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Anti-Hero Victory Titan Mark
Atgeir Mark Titan Mark
Baseline Mark Titan Mark
Be Thy Champion Titan Mark
Binary Phoenix Mark Titan Mark
Black Shield Mark Titan Mark
Brave Titan's Mark Titan Mark
Brave Titan's Mark Titan Mark
BrayTech Absolute Zero Mark Titan Mark
Coronation Mark Titan Mark
Dreamer's Mark Titan Mark
Entanglement Mark Titan Mark
Ere the End Titan Mark
Exodus Down Mark Titan Mark
Gensym Knight Mark Titan Mark
Hardy's Orders Titan Mark
Kairos Function Mark Titan Mark
Lost Pacific Mark Titan Mark
Mark Judgment Titan Mark
Mark of Confrontation Titan Mark
Mark of Inquisition Titan Mark
Mark of Nohr Titan Mark
Mark of Optimacy Titan Mark
Mark of Shelter Titan Mark
Mark of the Emperor's Champion Titan Mark
Mark of the Fire Titan Mark
Mark of the Golden Citadel Titan Mark
Mark of the Longest Line Titan Mark
Mark of the Renegade Titan Mark
Mark of the Unassailable Titan Mark
Mark Relentless Titan Mark
Midnight Exigent Mark Titan Mark
Noble Constant Mark Titan Mark
Omega Mechanos Mark Titan Mark
Orobas Vectura Mark Titan Mark
Quilted Winter Mark Titan Mark
Radegast's Iron Sash Titan Mark
Refugee Mark Titan Mark
Retro-Grade Mark Titan Mark
Shadow's Mark Titan Mark
Solstice Mark (Rekindled) Titan Mark
Solstice Mark (Resplendent) Titan Mark
Solstice Mark (Scorched) Titan Mark
Stella Incognita Mark Titan Mark
Tattered Titan Mark Titan Mark
Terra Concord Mark Titan Mark
Turris Shade Mark Titan Mark
Unethical Experiments Mark Titan Mark
Wildwood Mark Titan Mark
Winterhart Mark Titan Mark
Class Description
Titan The unlikely champion rises from tragedy.
Titan In wars of ancient myth, the fire of great birds guarded the warriors below.
Titan There comes a whisper in an ancient tongue: "You are worthy. Remember us."
Titan An honored gift, given to those who stand as pillars of hope.
Titan The phoenix that fights itself, then rises from its ashes stronger than ever. That is the Crucible.
Titan Strike down the Centurion. Leave the Legionaries to contemplate your indifference.
Titan A Mark meant to honor the stalwart defenders of the Last City.
Titan A Mark meant to honor the stalwart defenders of the Last City.
Titan Easy to spot in a whiteout.
Titan "The greatest merits are found within. But even these are better displayed by sumptuous dress and a sense of style." —Laws of the Executors, Vol. 1
Titan "Without Light to sustain it, this body of mine cannot make the pilgrimage to the Shard. But you can." —Tyra Karn
Titan "A hand, lying on the grass, in one future. A head in another. Components scattered across six visions. All identifiable. I agree. We cannot tell her. Take this off the—" —RECORD 784-CHASM-1016
Titan "The Titans shall say their piece, ere the end." —Lady Bretomart
Titan This Guardian armor was repurposed from old Exodus Black crew flight suits.
Titan "Remember, the universe is a chaotic system. This frippery won't protect you from the continuum." —Asher Mir
Titan "In the end we'll be known for something bigger than all of us."
Titan "Some speculate that the radiolarian fluid is the last vestige of a biological life-form that became the Vex." —Sister Faora, "Theories on the Vex"
Titan Sloane had these Golden Age space suits repurposed for Guardian armor.
Titan "A signifier of force." —Emissary of the Nine
Titan "'Unknown Titan'? More like 'All Titans. Every single one.'" —Unknown Titan
Titan "Stand before us, that you may be judged." —Unknown
Titan "What Calus found at the black edge… when he brings it to light, there will be a reckoning unlike anything this galaxy has ever seen." —Valus Nohr
Titan Has this wealth found you or have you found it?
Titan Titans are both the shelter and the storm.
Titan A gift for the Titan with Ghaul's strength.
Titan Callisto Yin carried the Fire Victorious out of the City on her burning mark.
Titan "Titans are trained to be a wall. But perhaps we must train ourselves to be something more." —Callisto Yin
Titan Titan orders mark time in ages of battle. This was the twelfth—until the Cabal came.
Titan Protect those who seek protection. Give them a home.
Titan All are welcome. None shall pass.
Titan "For you as much as it is for them. They seek to observe your absolute force." —Emissary of the Nine
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Titan Where you stand, they will fall.
Titan "Gotta wonder what happened to make the Vex like this, right? I mean, the Vex couldn't have come from nowhere." —Sagira
Titan "You made the right choice. I think. Either way, I'm on your side." —Ghost
Titan Keep each other warm.
Titan "We are the last hope. We must be unbreakable. I demand nothing less." —Radegast, defying Segoth
Titan Even without the Light, a Titan is a beacon of hope for any refugee.
Titan The dark decades after the Collapse were a time of confusion, desperation, and… interesting engineering choices.
Titan “Calus could not heal our air. My planet is still dying. But as long as I serve, I have hope.” —Rull, Gun of Kaga Clipse.
Titan Complete the Homecoming Redux mission, defeat enemies with Arc Power weapons, and defeat enemies.
Titan Defeat Bosses
Titan Complete the Payback Redux mission, collect Void orbs, and complete patrols.
Titan "In choosing the site of a new home, consider not only natural resources and environmental dangers, but also the fuel levels of your ships." —The Book of Departures, Canto II
Titan It is customary to shed a mark after victory or loss—to remind its finder of the history that came before.
Titan The orbital city of Caer Lerion was one of Earth's crowning achievements in the Golden Age.
Titan "This serves as a message to all false Cabal that you have served me. They won't show it, but they fear you. And they should." —Calus, Emperor of the Cabal
Titan "I've seen experiments like this before. My crew.... I don't want to talk about it." —Failsafe
Titan Devrim Kay fashioned the pattern for these Guardian armor suits.
Titan "The sun does arise, and make happy the skies." —Pre-Golden Age poetry